All abilities, whether magical, physical, hybrid, or a stance, uses an Ability slot, of which each character has 10. How you use each of these abilities varies from type to type, but they all must be stored in these slots in order to use them. Meditating for an hour allows you to switch out all of your abilties for other abilities. However, if you have a blank slot, you can meditate for 5 minutes to fill that slot with a previously learned ability.

Magical Abilities

There are four base 'elements' that make up all magic in the CC4 system: Fire (F), Water (W), Earth (E), Air (A).

Out of these base elements, other elements can be created, such as Force, Lightning, Steam, and Plant.

All energy is composed as a combination of the four base elements, and a fifth 'vanilla' element that has no element, called Raw Energy.

Connects and Energy

Every base element has a Connection, which describes the maximum amount of energy that a character can derive from that element. Each character can not have more connect for a certain element than their maximum connect. To manifest an ability, a player expends an amount of elemental and raw energy. As a Full Round action, you can meditate to move energy in between different connections.

Meditating for 5 minutes uninterrupted replenishes your Raw Energy to its maximum.

Once you have a list of the spells that you know to manifest, you can assign them to your ability slots by meditating for an hour.

Physical Abilities

Every physical ability has prerequistes, whether it is your Strength and Dexterity, or what kind of weapon you choose to use.

Once you have a list of physical abilities that you know, you may meditate for an hour uninterrupted in order to assign them to your Ability Slots. Once an ability is in the slot, you may use it until its number of uses is depleted (default: once). To replenish the number of uses you get in your abilities, you must take a standard action to focus.

Hybrid Abilities

Hybrid abilities combine magic and physical prowess, using magical power to improve physical capabilities. Hybrid Abilities use both systems simultaneously. They require energy to use, as well as have a certain amount of uses until you need to focus again.


Stances are passive abilities that can be either magical or physical in nature. Stances that you know are bound to one of your Ability Slots, but only one can be in usage at a time.