==CC4 Role-playing System==

(Under contruction.... forever)

The starting point for this project is the idea of a magic/skill system, with influences from DnD 3.5, Magic: The Gathering, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and an assortment of video games that I have played through-out the years.


CC4 is all about modularity, flow, and, to a lesser extent, simplicity. The goals of the project is to make an RP system that is simple enough to learn the basics for, but if you get into it, you can do anything you want to within the rule set. Skills and spells are extendable, and yet there are not too many you need to learn. Combat is clear, without too many things to remember or superfluous rolls.

Below is a brief summary over aspects of the system:

The rolling system is currently a roll+mod system. What I mean by that is that to determine things, you roll a certain number of dice and add a modifier, and then compare that number to another value to determine success.

There are no classes in CC4. Your role in the party is determined by your statistics and the abilities you choose to invest in. Anyone can invest in any abilities (barring prerequistes).

There are no levels is CC4. Experience is gained, then experience is spent on abilities and other things in between sessions. Total experience gained is still tracked and is used by the GM to determine which encounters the party is able to face.

Experience purchases everything. Stat increases, item-crafting, abilities, spells, you name it. Experience, however, can also be used as luck. If one has experience one wishes to expend, they may expend experience to reroll, or in some cases, increase the modifier of the check.

...more to come later....

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